Monday, January 4, 2010

Hot Future Fashions

Wow!  Was Googling around and found an interesting fashion page.

Love that catsuit and I used something like it for Suki to wear as part of her disguise in my fan fiction story based on Suki.  Also gave her a way to change her hair color and curl quickly, plus some advanced contacts that mimic natural pupil changes and can be whatever color she needs them to be.

They have several items that got used in the book, including electrochromic polymers.  They note that those are hard to spin into a fiber now.  They cover thermochromatics too, but none of us used them in our stories.

They even have an item on 'gogs' (Virtual Goggles)!  We searched all over and couldn't find a good example to give people a visual, so here ya go.
Being a bit of a neat freak, these gorgeous new virtual goggles are really getting my heart going. Check this out. Apparently, this futuristic CGI concept cooked up by Franz Steiner sees the personal assistants of the future getting through a day's work with nothing but a pair of goggles with integrated headphones. Created by the design house Blutsbrueder, the concept seeks to replace all of the office gadgetry, including desktops, headsets, pens and potentially even paper with the simple yet sleek pair of all-in-one virtual goggles, that will apparently even have a sound system with speakers and internet access as well. Reminds me a hell lot of the video-playing glasses and this thing is so damn good, it's a great shame the thing is just part of a futuristic spread!
None of us got into the Jetson's looks, at least I wasn't imagining them when proofing John and Sarah's work, or mine either.

This (on the left) is what I was thinking John was describing as the daily fashion show at the World Bank offices in DC in Suki I.

I was thinking plenty of outfits like this (right) at the alternative club Suki goes to in Suki: Settling The Score, when she is tracking down Sunshine and Fiona:

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