Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorite Technology Stories of 2009

Everybody else is doing the full decade, I am just doing this year.  Don't worry, the pretty picture of someone is at the bottom ;)

Leaked Nexus One Documents

One Leg of GSM Cracked

Toshiba has a Real-Time Trilingual Translation App for Cell Phones

Amazon Kindle Sells Huge

Schneier on Airport Security

Everything From Ronald Bailey on Climate Change, Biotech, well Everything (scroll down to the bottom)
(Confession, I didn't know about him until John mentioned him in a book, now I am addicted.)

Google resists the urge to follow Bing, Yahoo! and Flickr into censorship land in India

Magnetic Pole is Still Moving Around

Extinct Goat Cloned

10 Years of Mobile Communication (someone else doing the whole decade)

First Single Molecule Transistor

Steel Velcro, imagine a photo shoot with that stuff?

Orgasmatron, orgasms on demand. (for others!  Beloved, I am not trading you.)

Wired' top scientific discoveries of 2009

Okay, okay, the stuff I liked the best came near the end of the year.  Maybe a picture will make up for it?  High heel car:

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