Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ford In Talks To Add Google Features To Its Cars

Ford executives didn't detail the nature of their talks withGoogle, which recently unveiled its own branded smartphone. But they suggested the discussions involved designing products based on Google'sAndroid mobile operating system that would be compatible with Ford's on-board entertainment-and-communications platform, known as Sync.

This sounds promising! If anybody didn't remember, I am a Ford girl in real ;)
Ford In Talks To Add Google Features To Its Cars

. . . Appearing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Chief Executive Alan Mulally and other Ford executives also said it has partnerships with map supplier Mapquest, Internet radio provider Pandora, micro-blogging service Twitter and audio news service Stitcher.

"Many of you here inspired us to move at Silicon Valley speeds," Mulally said. "It is challenging. It is fun." . . .
In the Suki books, the cars John builds (never Fords) have advanced navigation and 3D virtual dashboards, monitors, etc.

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