Monday, February 15, 2010

Suki Tech on Slashdot's Front Page

Not exactly Suki-tech, but from the Slashdot front page, 1 TB Solid State Drive that fits on a postage stamp from Toshiba.
In the Suki fiction book series a 1TB "sliver" is described. They are used in gogs (another here) and other devices in the 2030's. It was also a plot device for John's ex distributing an extreme kinky (today's standards), pornographic video of Suki to John.
It is a tiny format, much smaller than a postage stamp, memory "stick" that is typically attached to a larger package, not unlike the way flash memory cards are sold now, but the sliver is much smaller. With 1 TB on the sliver, full immersion 3D holographic erotica can be delivered without the traceability of The Mesh. Another post about the mesh here.

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