Friday, December 25, 2009

Optical Nanotechnology: Fiber Lense

MIT’s ‘flexible camera’ replaces lens with fiber web

Imagine a soldier's uniform made of a special fabric that allows him to look in all directions and identify threats that are to his side or even behind him. In work that could turn such science fiction into reality, MIT researchers have developed light-detecting fibers that, when weaved into a web, act as a flexible camera. Fabric composed of these fibers could be joined to a computer that could provide information on a small display screen attached to a visor, providing the soldier greater awareness of his surroundings.
Sorta-kinda something similar to what I was thinking in Suki: Settling The Score.  Well, not really.  I was trying to describe contact lenses with a camera on one side and viewer on the other so she could get telemetry, see in other spectrums and change her eye color in a natural looking way.

This technology sounds like something in the right direction for what I was thinking.

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