Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shotgun Tech in Suki IV

First things first.  I chose Suki's shotgun in Suki IV to be a Benelli because I like the brand.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I also chose the place of purchase to be a Mega Wal*Mart on an Air Force base because I wish the future to be more efficient in that manner.  I doubt that part will happen in the next 25 years.

With what I wrote in the fondation of the series, in Suki I and on the web page, set the foundation of machine tools being inexpensive and relatively easy to use.  So, when the couple goes to Sporting Goods in the Mega Wal*Mart, the staff only has to have barrel stock and a couple of machines to fabricate and temper any barrel a customer wants on their shotgun, rifle or pistol.

I was telling a highly rated skeet shooter I know about some of the features and he said most of that is available now, like barrel extentions and video, but I just have it refined a bit more in the future.  Neither of us knew of any commercially available guns that had all of this stuff on them right from the store.

As far as the recording and telemetry in the gun, I did not want to get too wordy (I got that way anyway) with how the shot pellets were individually RF taged so the gun could record the entire trajectory of each pellet through a shot.  I should have specified in the story that they purchase RF tagged shot.  Will probably do that in "The Collection" where I will stick all four books together as one.  That is how John can show (brag to) his relatives that Suki was hitting every clay target in the center of her pattern near the end of Suki IV.  Also, "solid state" memory is small and very dense, so an entire day, or several, can be recorded on a tiny chip in the gun.

The gun has full spectrim video through the sight line of the shooter and at the muzzle, so the shooter can review and adjust their aiming habits to match where the muzzle is "looking."

Of course, I want the laws to be different in the future, so I just made up what I like.  No extra charge for having a short barrel, buying guns more than one State away is no problem either.  If Suki were buying a pistol, the suppressor would be just another item too.  Actually, I forgot to add that in Suki III, so something else for The Collection, if I remember it.

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