Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Personal Communication Devices in the Future: Gogs

We have several posts on the other blog about Gogs, or personal digital audio-visual devices. The term gog is short for goggles. I have Suki wearing hers on the cover of Suki III. They are glasses with imagery projected onto them. Never decided on the specific display technology, i.e., I didn't go all Neil Stephenson (I am a big fan of his) in describing how the things work. I stuck with describing use.

Now that I have idle time, I am thinking "transparent" LCD technology, rather than a laser painting images on the eye like in Snow Crash. The way I am thinking allows for a 3D effect too.

I lucked out finding The Sixth Sense project when I was trying to describe manual data input. They have the basics figured out and helped me be more descriptive. The user "types" on a virtual keyboard in the air, selects images, etc. Like a touch screen, except they are actually touching space in their view, behind the actual screen.

This also allows for some additional security. Nobody but the user would know what keyboard layout the user is using, making it difficult to "snag" typed pass codes from finger movements. It would not be impossible, just more difficult than today.

All modern (future) security features are incorperated in the gogs that the characters use. Suki even does biometric authentication on hers in several passages, touching the side of her gogs with her "signing finger" and then typing her code in the air.

I don't think I got into it in detail, but I was imagening a combination of iris and other biometric security being used so that an owner of a set of gogs could "lock" them and they automatically become functional when the owner, or their designee, dons them and they will not function on a non-authorized user. In Suki II: Sunshine Returns, Suki has hers set so that she is the only one who can send messages but others can read her messages. That's why Sunshine can check Suki's messages but she has to have Suki send. Sunshine has control over Suki through a heavy drugging. I think John will insist on her changing this when I edit "The Collection."

I thought about Sunshine making Suki give her write access, but then thought that better message security in the future would automatically reveal who sent the message "for" someone. I also wanted to avoid the possibility of a character miswording something, so I figured out a way for Suki to be forced into sending the messages reliably.

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